Steam in Bosnia 2010 - 11: Bukinje - Class 33 Depot II (50 p.)

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Steam in Bosnia 2010 - 10: Bukinje - Class 33 Depot I (50 p.)

We continue late morning of April 7 2010 inside the workshops of Bukinje mine, Kreka mine network:

Next to 33-064, gaskets were produced manually.

Now the action became spectacular with "Maja super"!

33-248 to the right, 33-064 to the left, now with closed smokebox door.

Expert knowledge was needed to piece together 33-248.

Sign: "Before starting work... check the tools!"

View into the storage room.

33-504 was moving a little outside, seen from the dispatcher's office.

33-504 in the rain.

Around noon we left the depot and spent a few leisurely hours at the Lukavac shopping centre, the next biggest town in this area behind Tuzla. There we found a pizza place, only preparing our pizzas took almost as long as the lunch break. At last I was served a strange but not bad tasting Capricciosa. The rest of the day we took photos along other lines, for continuousness I will from now on present the travelogues sorted geographically, not chronologically.

The final visit to Bukinje depot during this tour took place at noon on April 9 2010:

62-123 was just shunting and rearranging the other locos, 33-504 was facing the other way, we had used it intensively over the past few days (to be enjoyed during the next trip report parts! ;-) ).

A VW Golf, also something typically Bosnian, already during Yugoslav times.

The cab of the class 62,

which was pulling locos out of shed #2, 62-376 and 33-064.

Viewed from the traction building.

Inside, the shunting action didn't seem to evoke much interest.

Water stop at the crane.

The typical Yugoslav discussion hand pose.

Here still a peek into the future, but someday soon probably reality: abandoned steam and the modern world around it.

62-376 with dispatcher's office.

33-504 and the workshop behind it.

Not much going on again.

Measurements of water protection glass panes for each engine serviced here.

"Close the door!"

Almost everything in order with 33-064 in the year 2006, only "L(eft)3" "loose", everything else "good", the walls seemed like a living chronicle.

The cab of 33-248, undergoing general inspection, had to wait outside the gate.

33-064 peeking inside through the door.

In the evening of April 6 2010 the weatherwise beautiful half of the week was already announcing itself. We just had moved into our rooms at the Hotel "Senad od Bosne" - named after a musician - , located at the shores of Lake Modrac, a large reservoir. The hotel proved to be the best of the trip, modern, usefully designed and well built, which was not always a given elsewhere. The surroundings were also highly fascinating, the 11 km long lake, dammed in 1964, served as a wildlife refuge for large water birds. Along the shore a sort of inner-bosnian riviera was in development.

On the reservoir you could find many small fishing huts, reminding me of a Caspian Sea in small scale, and even railway fans could find something of interest, even without a railway line nearby: across the lake a freight ropeway connected the mountains near Banovici to Lukavac coke factory. All this I could enjoy with a great mood in the background to the west.

A lonely angler in the evening.

On April 9 it would be party night at the beachclub and -restaurant! ;-)

At 6:30 a.m. next morning, April 7 2010, I had the following beautiful view from the terrace of my room. Fog formed almost every night in the lake valley, the water almost didn't show any ripples.

View towards the ropeway.

Sickle moon above the riviera.

After breakfast, shortly before seven o'clock, light was already flooding the woods along Lake Modrac.

During brushing teeth I could observe giant birds flying by every minute.

The village with mosque on the other side was already lit by the sun, in the background the snow-covered mountains near Banovici were slightly shimmering through.

So, nothing could prevent a beautiful second part of the week, that day we would devote to Bukinje mine again, the exchange to the power plant was on our schedule - in the next report! :)
Another excellent group of pictures that could be anytime in the last 200 years. Beautiful. Do ever go to the Steyr Valley Museum? They have an 1890 Krauss 0-6-2T. Molln 298-104. It is very much like our Riva 395-104. Both are 760mm gauge. We run ours on 30" track. I would like to see some close up pictures of the cab and running gear or any pictures of it in operation. I probably will never get to Europe, although I would like to see Austria and my grandfather's homeland Slovenia. Thank for sharing your pictures. It is quite a world when we can see things thousands of miles away in only a keystroke or two.
Stunning work!

Hello Roni!

I started to follow your work some time ago now. What strikes me is that all your output is of an exceptionally high standard and consistency, and often of breathtaking beauty.

You are a true artist!

Kindest Regards,
Peter H
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