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  1. EMDGP30

    BNSF's LaJuanta Sub

    Saw this unit last week at the BNSF's diesel facility in Newton, Kansas BNSF 3836 is a GP7u owned by BNSF Railway. It was built 12-1952 for the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway as a GP7 numbered 2843 and part of Electro-Motive Division of General Motors order 6486. It carries builder...
  2. EMDGP30

    Burlington Jct Railway

    Saw this beauty today in West Burlington, IA Blt 12/41 GE 15041 Ex-Cargill 30(?) < Fonda Johnstown & Gloversville 30 < nee Washington & Old Dominion 47
  3. EMDGP30

    BNSF's Marceline Sub

    Working on the Marceline Sub about a couple weeks ago and finally got a couple pics. Caught Amtrak's Southwest Chief crossing over from Main 2 to Main 1 at the crossovers @ E. Madill (MP 256) Haven't seen one of these in a long time.
  4. EMDGP30

    For 40 Years, Crashing Trains Was One of America’s Favorite Pastimes

    From 1896 until the 1930s, showmen would travel the country staging wrecks at state fairs.
  5. EMDGP30

    Southern Pacific #18 suffers shattered piston on the Durango and Silverton

    Piston failure occurs around 35:16.
  6. EMDGP30

    BNSF's Chillicothe Sub

    Our gang finished work in Hedley, TX and an eastbound train dropped off KCS SD70ACe 4103 to take our machines to Joliet; we caught them east of Wellington KS; I didn't have time to get to the sunny side of the tracks but it didn't turn out too bad. Our machines got to Joliet early Tuesday...
  7. EMDGP30

    Question for the Forum: How many fallen flag railroads could have survived?

    Was wondering how many railroads that are gone because of merger could have survived if the merger hadn't occurred? For example, how long could the CB&Q, SLSF, SP&S, NP & GN have operated?
  8. EMDGP30

    Photo Gallery

    Is there a quick way of going to the beginning of the pics in the Photo Gallery? It starts in the middle and is kind of annoying to have to click several times to get to the beginning, or end, of them. Thanks
  9. EMDGP30

    BNSF's Panhandle Sub

    Got these today while waiting in Miami, TX for MofW equipment to arrive. Lead unit on eastbound COFC/TOFC; bad paint or she has been working hard! Still pretty even with the BNSF sticker under the road number!
  10. EMDGP30

    Pics on BNSF's La Juanta Sub

    Been working on BNSF's La Juanta Sub and got a few pics. Trying to get some pics of the K&O (Kansas & Oklahoma) that interchanges with BNSF in Hutchinson. Stafford,Kansas depot Local heading west out of Hutchinson, KS Lead unit was built 7-1985 as BN GP 50 3115; in tiger stripes & white face...
  11. EMDGP30

    Need help identifying these units

    I am currently working on BNSF's La Junta Sub between Dodge City, Kansas & Hutchinson,KS. A few miles east of Dodge City I saw these 2 units parked; I don't believe they are being used. There are several large grain elevators that may have used them at one time. I was able to get this shot as...
  12. EMDGP30

    Don't trust your life to a mechanical signal
  13. EMDGP30

    MP cabooses

    Drove from Clovis, NM to Dexter, MO to help overhaul a machine; saw these 2 while driving through Arkansas Pocahontas, Arkansas Corning, Arkansas
  14. EMDGP30

    End of year pics

    My machine has finished work for the year and was taken to Clovis, NM for start up mid-January; here are some of the pics that I took before we left. Caught this former ATSF Dash 9 leading an empty coal train through McPaul, IA Power for the move from Pacific Jct, IA to Clovis, NM was BNSF...
  15. EMDGP30

    Union Pacific No. 4141 George Bush Locomotive
  16. EMDGP30

    BNSF's Napier Subdivision

    Started working on BNSF's Napier Sub Monday; today I got a pic of the local tied up in Hamburg, Iowa. Both units are former ATSF Lead unit is BNSF 2235 former ATSF 2345 Trailing unit is BNSF 2598; built as ATSF 1398, Class 1300, in July 1965, #30112, FN 7809-14. It was renumbered 3398...
  17. EMDGP30

    Signalman Jack: The Baboon Who Worked for the Railroad—and Never Made a Mistake
  18. EMDGP30

    This Train Announcement About China's Social Credit System Is A Dystopia Come To Life

    Imagine a future where the government is always watching you and tallying up your behavior — good and bad. Sounds pretty terrible! But it's happening now in China, in the form of the country's social credit system. It's all seemed pretty abstract for the most part, but this video taken by...
  19. EMDGP30

    BNSF's Sand Hills Subdivision

    Loaded sulfur unit train added to the rear of an empty unit coal train west of Anselmo, NE today.
  20. EMDGP30

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