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  1. Bill Anderson

    Vintage trip

    That train wasted no time getting out of town.
  2. Bill Anderson

    Eritrea 2018 - 14: Final Steam Morning (50 p.)

    Great shots, especially the first one with the sun rising over the mountains.
  3. Bill Anderson

    Where is the Omaha Posse?

    Here is the vehicle you need for chasing trains around Omaha/Council Bluffs. Sent to me by my brother-in-law.
  4. Bill Anderson

    Where is the Omaha Posse?

    I went to that website and followed a few more links to this map, which is useful for us out-of-towners not familiar with the area. Studying the map, it is funny how it omitted portions of the mainlines in the west, which show up as gaps in the green.
  5. Bill Anderson

    Some photos of my railfanning around the East Bay

    Is the train coming out of a siding?
  6. Bill Anderson

    Where is the Omaha Posse?

    I just read that a second "bomb" cyclone has hit western Nebraska and more high water may be headed your way.
  7. Bill Anderson

    BNSF's Panhandle Sub

    I believe they are antennas for positive train control (PTC).
  8. Bill Anderson

    Eritrea 2018 - 13: Levels (50 p.)

    Spectacular. Even with the excellent photos and map, it is hard to get the proper perspective of the geography, elevation, different levels and 3.3% grade. I think one can truly say, "You had to be there."
  9. Bill Anderson

    Need Help Identifying Patch

    Pure speculation on my part: a reference to Bear Mountain, New York?
  10. Bill Anderson

    Where is the Omaha Posse?

    Good catch on 8444, the former number of UP Northern 844.
  11. Bill Anderson

    Mid West Flooding 2019

    The Omaha Posse has been posting up photos of the flooding in the Omaha-Council Bluffs area. I am starting this thread for members to post photos of flooding in all parts of the Mid West such as the Dakotas and Minnesota.
  12. Bill Anderson

    Where is the Omaha Posse?

    All I can say is WOW! :eek:
  13. Bill Anderson

    Where is the Omaha Posse?

    Road Closed signs should be accompanied by signs that read Violators Will Not Be Rescued.
  14. Bill Anderson

    K36 Locomotives #487 & #489 Doubleheading at Windy Point, Co.

    Good footage. I thought you had captured an eagle soaring overhead in the first minute, then I realized it was your drone. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to